Medium/Large Dog Chews

Medium/Large dogs & big chewers

Unlike mini and small dogs, medium and large dogs can be BIG chewers with strong teeth and jaws. To satisfy their big chewing desires, Farmer Pete's has a wide range of big chews. 


Farmer Pete's all-natural medium/large dog chews are suitable for the most powerful biting/chewing dogs. They not only assist with maintaining great dental health, reducing plaque, bad breath and increasing gum health, but also keeps those power chewers engaged, busy and satisfied. 

Some of the dogs that would love these chews could include but isn't limited to German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Boxers, Pit Bulls, Dobermanns, etc. Dogs with a mighty bite will handle these tasty chews best! But if you have a pup that thinks they have a big bite, they will love them too!

Too difficult?

If your dog finds these treats tasty but a bit difficult to chew, check out our mini/small dog chew range for some great smaller chew options.