Green Lipped Mussel treats for dogs by Farmer Pete's.
Green Beef Tripe. Natural and healthy pet treats by Farmer Pete's.
Dehydrated crocodile feet by Farmer Pete's.
Farmer Pete's dehydrated fish bites for cats and dogs.
Fish Jerky by Farmer Pete's
Green Beef Tripe meal topper by Farmer Pete's
Combination of all things fish, pilchards, fish jerky, fish bites, shark skin, shark cartilage. Great fish treats for cats and dogs.
Shark Tail and Fin Dog Treat by Farmer Pete's
Dried Shark Cutlets Chewy Pet Treats by Farmer Pete's (Australian Made)
Fish Meal topper by Farmer Pete's
Crocodile Jerky Meaty Bites Pet Treats by Farmer Pete's
Dried Shark Skin Rolls for dogs by Farmer Pete's
Farmer Pete's Shark Skin Strips dog chews.
Dehydrated Crocodile Jerky
Dog Meal Topper - Designed for dogs with arthritis, reduced mobility, or prone to joint disease
Dried Pilchards Dog Food Toppers
Crocodile Dog Food Topper for meals made by Farmer Pete's

Anti Inflammatory Pet Treats

Anti-Inflammatory Pet Treats For Dogs