Salmon Bites

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Dried Salmon Fish Bite Dog Treats

Salmon bites dog treats are healthy and natural, single-ingredient product that is made from only Australian Salmon. There are no preservatives or additives in these treats. They are naturally filled with omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6, which have plenty of health benefits for your dog, such as joint, skin, and cardiovascular improvements.

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They are a small pet treat that is best suited to small to medium dogs. These treats from the sea can be used as a quick snack or as a high-value reward for all-sized dogs when training. Cats love these fishy treats as well!

 Due to the extremely high oil content these are a perfect additive to meals & oil may appear slightly through the bag. This is normal as the salmon continues to leach oil after packed.


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Nutritional Analysis
Protein 74.6%
Fat 4.9%

Customer Reviews

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Jessica McCosker
A Must Have

The salmon bites would definitely be one of my dogs favourite, as soon as I pull a salmon bite from the packet I’ve got his full attention. They are a great training tool and actually looked so good I wanted to try them myself (obviously I didn’t do that haha) but they really are great my dog loves the fish treats from this company.

Lozzy Bellett
Sophie loves salmon bites

Same as above.
She has 3 pieces after her dinner every night

Nice product but there were a lot of crumbs

My dog loves these salmon bites but a lot of the product was more crumb less bite. I can used them as a meal topper but it means there are less bites available to use as treats.