Chicken Jerky treats for pets. Australian made by Farmer Pete's.
Farmer Pete's Natural dehydrated chicken jerky bites for pets.
Beef Achilles Tendons stacked around a Farmer Pete's logo.
Dehydrated Chicken Necks Australian made by Farmer Pete's
Beef Hoof Halves dog pet treats
Naturally dehydrated pilchards (fish) dog treats by Farmer Pete's
Green Lipped Mussel treats for dogs by Farmer Pete's.
Healthy Salmon bites for dogs and cats by Farmer Pete's.
Green Beef Tripe. Natural and healthy pet treats by Farmer Pete's.
Pig Ears Dog Treats, Australian made by Farmer Pete's dried pet supplies
Dehydrated crocodile feet by Farmer Pete's.
Farmer Pete's dehydrated fish bites for cats and dogs.
Farmer Pete's Salmon Skin Twist dog treats.
Natural beef skin. Perfect chew for dogs by Farmer Pete's
Kangaroo (Roo) Tail Chunks are a perfect Australia dog chew, dried pieces by Farmer Pete's
Fish Jerky by Farmer Pete's
Kangaroo spine chunk dog chews by Farmer Pete's.
Salmon Sprinkles Fish dog treats by Farmer Pete's
Mixture of treats and chews suitable for puppies by Farmer Pete's.
Dehydrated lamb ear treat chews by Farmer Pete's.
Assortment of dehydrated All-natural Chicken Breast Jerky, Jerky Bites, Feet and Necks for pet treats by Farmer Pete's
Combination of all things fish, pilchards, fish jerky, fish bites, shark skin, shark cartilage. Great fish treats for cats and dogs.
Natural dehydrated pork trotter halves by Farmer Pete's.
Beef tail chunks doggy treat.
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Mini and Small Dog Chews

Dog Chew Treats For Smaller Dogs

If you are looking for treats and chews for your mini/small size dog then these are the treats for you. 100% natural, preservative free and healthy for little teeth and bodies. Mini and small dogs have special needs when it comes to treats and it is important to remember these 3 questions.

1. How big is the dog treat?

Large treats could be a choking hazard for some smaller dogs. Farmer Pete's treats are perfect for breaking pieces suitable for your dog size. 

2. Can my dog chew it?

Some treats can be too hard for smaller dogs to chew, causing them to loose interest. Farmer Pete's chews come in all shapes and sizes. Softer smaller chews for smaller dogs are the best chews for aiding with dental hygiene.

3. How fattening are these dog treats?

Farmer Pete's treats are 100% natural, single-ingredient pet treats with no added preservatives or additives. Super healthy and the best quality treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

My small dog is eating treats too quickly

If your dog finds these chews tasty but is eating them quick, take a peep at our Medium or Larger Dog treats range for some longer lasting tasty chews. 

Softer dog treats for small dogs

If your dog finds these chews tasty but struggling to eat them, try out some chews from our Senior & Older Dogs or Puppy treat range.