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At Farmer Pete's we hand make premium dehydrated pet treats for large and small animals from locally sourced fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Our pet treats are natural, healthy, delicious and affordable. No preservatives, no additives, no sugars or salts, no nuts, no grains, no binders, no added flavours or colour.

We hand make, pack and post all our tasty dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret and rat treats and we strive to give you as our customer the most positive experience and provide a personal touch. We value our customers, therefore, providing great prices and a flat rate postage.

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What clients love about our pet products


I ordered the mixed roo pack for our small cavoodle puppy. She loves it! she eagerly sits and waits for her roo bones and quickly runs off to enjoy. It's a great treat taking her a good 10-15mins to work through.

Kayla Overton


These are a great size, my girls love the crunch on these. The tails start wagging when these come out, they can smell them from a mile away! A great quick snack with lots of omega 3s to make them nice and shiny.

Claire Blackwell

I get a range of treats from Farmer Pete's for my little dog - but the chicken jerky is extra special because my cat loves it too. With the help of your training treats my dog will now pee and poo on demand which is great with all the wet weather we are having.

Bhakti Manning


I swear my dog things she’s in heaven with each morsels
Should cal call them moorish doggie delights
A great product…

Mathew valance


Our dog Jindy and my daughter's dog Indy can't get enough of Farmer Pete's Chicken Jerky.... it's the best in the Australian Market. Do yourself a favour and give it a go for your dog. They smell of french fries!!! yummy.



Pea Flakes

We bought these as a winter treat for our senior piggie and we've created a monster! He loves them and if we're late with the treats at night then there is lots of squeaking and chattering.

A great treat and highly recommend



My dog is very fussy but these roo bones are perfect, she loves them! they are our go to treat if we need to leave her at home or just a treat for her to enjoy, very happy!


Farmer Pete's

Dried Pet Food Treats

Our dried pet food treats are an excellent way to show your furry friend some extra love. Not only are they a natural healthy alternative to processed snacks, but they're also a great way to bond with your pet.

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