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Farmer Pete's Pamper Your Pooch Box.
Pamper your pooch with all natural pamper products by Farmer Pete's.
Pamper Your Pooch Box by Farmer Pete's, treats, personalised bandana, paw balm, spritz, paw soaps and a tug toy.
Choose your font for your pups personalised bandanas by Farmer Petes's.

Pamper Your Pooch Box

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Farmer Pete’s is a family owned and operated 100% Australian business. We hand make premium dehydrated pet treats for large and small animals from locally sourced fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Our treats are natural, healthy, delicious and affordable. No preservatives, no additives, no sugars or salts, no nuts, no grains, no binders, no added flavours or colour. We hand make, pack and post all our tasty dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret and rat treats and we strive to give you as our customer the most positive experience and provide a personal touch. We value our customers, therefore, providing great prices and a flat rate postage.

Australian Owned and Certified #07479

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated

Why choose dehydrated treats for your furry friends?

When you dehydrate meats, fruits and vegetables, you are getting all the nutritional benefits of raw produce, but removing any dangerous pathogens often found in raw foods.

You’ll be surprised how much food shrinks when dehydrated!

Dehydrated, or dried, food is made by applying heat to the desired food item, resulting in 98% of the substance’s water being lost to evaporation. This technique has been performed, through different methods (air drying, sun drying, etc.), for years to preserve foods.

What is the weight reduction?

As mentioned, water is the heaviest part of food, so when it is removed, in this situation from evaporation, the weight is cut by a significant amount. Around 98% of moisture is removed from the food after dehydration, making it considerably lighter. After preliminary cleaning, peeling, and slicing/chopping, raw meat is dehydrated at 70 °C, and fruit and vegetables dehydrated at 60-70 °C. The final moisture content of 4-5% is achieved through warm air circulation and a lot of time. In general, 4-5 kg of raw Chicken produces 1 kg of dehydrated product. Salmon and Green Lipped Mussels may be dehydrated under similar conditions, with 5-6 kg of fresh product producing 1 kg of dried product. Fruit and vegetables with a higher water content can also be 5-6 kg of raw product to produce 1 kg of dehydrated product. That’s because dehydrating your food reduces its moisture content to between 5 and 10%. Within that range, the bacterium that causes food to decay can’t survive. So with a lot of time, energy and produce we create our delicious treats for your pets to enjoy and love!