Chicken Jerky treats for pets. Australian made by Farmer Pete's.
Farmer Pete's Natural dehydrated chicken jerky bites for pets.
Tasty chicken feet treats for dogs by Farmer Pete's
Dehydrated Chicken Necks Australian made by Farmer Pete's
Naturally dehydrated pilchards (fish) dog treats by Farmer Pete's
Healthy Salmon bites for dogs and cats by Farmer Pete's.
Green Lipped Mussel treats for dogs by Farmer Pete's.
Pig Ears Dog Treats, Australian made by Farmer Pete's dried pet supplies
Green Beef Tripe. Natural and healthy pet treats by Farmer Pete's.
Farmer Pete's dehydrated fish bites for cats and dogs.
Salmon Sprinkles Fish dog treats by Farmer Pete's
Farmer Pete's Salmon Skin Twist dog treats.
Kangaroo (Roo) Tail Chunks are a perfect Australia dog chew, dried pieces by Farmer Pete's
Fish Jerky by Farmer Pete's
Natural beef skin. Perfect chew for dogs by Farmer Pete's
Assortment of dehydrated All-natural Chicken Breast Jerky, Jerky Bites, Feet and Necks for pet treats by Farmer Pete's
Dehydrated lamb ear treat chews by Farmer Pete's.
Natural dehydrated pork trotter halves by Farmer Pete's.
Beef tail chunks doggy treat.
Combination of all things fish, pilchards, fish jerky, fish bites, shark skin, shark cartilage. Great fish treats for cats and dogs.
Shark Tail and Fin Dog Treat by Farmer Pete's
Farmer Pete's small gift box with jumbo toy.
Natural Kangaroo mixed bones by Farmer Pete's.
Dried Shark Cutlets Chewy Pet Treats by Farmer Pete's (Australian Made)
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Senior & Older Dog Chews

Dog treats for Senior and Older Dogs

Our much-loved senior and older dogs usually have a few teeth missing, a softer chew capacity and may have less interest in finding hidden treasures. As these dogs may not always get enough exercise, adding 100% meat-based dog treats to their diet is vital.

Benefits of dried treats for older dogs

The best treats and dental chews for senior and older dogs are those that can easily be broken or cut down into smaller pieces. The bones (dental chews) are smaller and softer making it easier to chew and enjoy. Older dogs, dogs with soft jaws or illness and dogs that have had dental surgery can all benefit from smaller, softer treats.

Best Anti-inflammatory Chews for Joints in Older Dogs

Chicken treats are beneficial for senior and older dogs as they possess anti-inflammatory properties and aid with joint pain and movement.