Tennis Ball Fetch Toy for dogs, with rope
Farmer Pete's small gift box with jumbo toy.
Handmade Tennis Fetch Toy in 3 sizes by Farmer Pete's.
Buy the perfect gift for your pooch with a Farmer Pete's large gift box.

Handcrafted Dog Toys

Sustainable Dog Tug Toys for Fun and Eco Friendly Playtime

Our collection of eco-friendly dog tug toys will surely excite your four-legged friend. Our toys are 100% toxic-free, made of natural and recyclable materials, safe and durable.

Feel good knowing that you choose the best for your pet, while also saving the Earth!

Why does your dog need our tug toys?

1. Plastic Free! – Your dog is guaranteed to have a great time with these dog toys. Although our dog tug toys are durable dog toys, they are not completely indestructible, so rest assured that we chose to use the most natural and safest materials that are 100% toxic free.

2. Best Behaviour Training Tools - The perfect pet tug toys suitable for taking, tossing, dragging, chewing, tug-o-war, or training, keeping the dog busy and happy, correcting bad biting behaviour. Keeps you dog entertained and prevents boredom.

3. Helps Reduce Anxiety in Dogs - Dogs can chew for hours on these dog toys! With their attention and energy focused on trying to destroy a tough toy, there will be a decrease in anxiety! Play games with your dogs, the interactive sports will bring you closer together, just let the dog tug or chew these tug toys all day long and feel happier and healthier.

4. Oral health – A dog’s instinct is to chew. When chewing or pulling on our tug toys you dog is maintaining their oral hygiene, relieving any teething pain, preventing bad breath, and helping with the removal of plaque which prevents the development of bacteria; active chewing has been proven to maintain a dog’s oral hygiene.

5. Have Fun with Your Pet - Get closer to your pet. Dogs learn new skills as they play different games. Exercise to keep your pet healthy, avoid weight problems and make them grow up happy.

DISCLAIMER Our tug toys have been tested and made to withstand all types of play, however like all toys, our tug toys are not indestructible, and we cannot guarantee the lifespan of the toy. Please always supervise destructive chewers, we do not take any responsibility for toys being destroyed. Each of our tug toys are handmade which means the size or shape of the tug may vary slightly from toy to toy or from how you see them in the photos listed, quality remains the same. Please regularly check for wear and tear.