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Beef Hairy Ears

Beef Hairy Ears

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A great tasty chew with extra nutrition!

Cow ears with the fur on are 100% all-natural, simply dehydrated Beef ears. They have no added nasties, therefore, you know your pup is getting on the best high-protein, low-fat treats which as full of benefits. 

What are the benefits?

Beef ears are mainly made up of cartilage. They are naturally full of chondroitin. This helps improve the health of joint cartilage, and specifically aide dogs with arthritis or dogs who are hard-wearing on their joints such as active, working dogs. 

Beef ears act as a natural wormer for your dog. Whilst the chew is digested, an parasites in the digestive tract cling to the hair which is then passed. 

    Being some of the biggest ears on the market (about 50-100% bigger than pigs ears), beef ears are not only perfect for assisting the maintain dental hygiene, but they are a great long-lasting and nutritious treat for medium to large dogs. Lambs, or roo ears are a great alternative for smaller dogs. 

      As dogs need to chew beef ears for a long time, it assists with cleaning teeth and keeping gums strong and healthy. 

      These ears are high in protein and very low in fat so they are perfect for keeping your dog at its best. Sit back, and let your furry friend enjoy!

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