Small Kangaroo leg bones for smaller dogs. Australian made by Farmer Pete's.
Kangaroo spine chunk dog chews by Farmer Pete's.
Kangaroo (Roo) Tail Chunks are a perfect Australia dog chew, dried pieces by Farmer Pete's
Dried Kangaroo (Roo) Ribs Bones for dogs, 100% Australian made by Farmer Pete's
Beef tail chunks doggy treat.
Farmer Pete's small gift box with jumbo toy.
Natural Kangaroo mixed bones by Farmer Pete's.
Buffalo Horn Dog Treat
Buy the perfect gift for your pooch with a Farmer Pete's large gift box.
dried kangaroo rib for dog chews by Farmer Pete's

Dried Dog Bones

Why Naturally dehydrated Dog Bones are a healthy treat

It's no secret dogs love bones! Whether a small, medium or large dog, we have a bone to suit your pooch. Big bones - large dogs will probably chomp and swallow the bone and smaller dogs will chew the meat and clean their teeth and leave the bone segments whole. No matter what your dog does with their bone, their teeth get expertly cleaned AND they receive healthy, natural meat nutrition! All Farmer Pete's bones are single ingredient with no added salts, preservatives or additives. The best bone options for your dog. 

Are Dehydrated Bones Safe for Dogs?

All Farmer Pete's bones are dehydrated low and slow to maintain nutritional value. As they are dehydrated, they are the safest and best bones for your dog. Dehydrated bones don't splinter like cooked bones, they break apart and crumble making them safer for dogs to chomp on. Great to keep your pooch entertained and healthy.

Looking for something a bit different than dogs bones?

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