Farmer Pete's natural goats milk soap sample pack - bars.
Calming goat's milk soap for dogs. Great for calming anxious pups. Made by Farmer Pete's.
Insect Repel dog soap paws by Farmer Pete's
Healing Natural Dog Soap with goats milk by Farmer Pete's.
Natural goat's milk soap bar with oats for sensitive skin

Dog Soaps

Natural Dog Soaps Australian Made

Why Choose Natural Dog Soaps made by Farmer Pete's?

Natural Ingredients: Our dog soaps are crafted with natural ingredients, ensuring a gentle and effective clean without harsh chemicals. Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

Australian Sourced: We proudly use high-quality, Australian-sourced ingredients, supporting local producers and ensuring the finest quality for your pet.

Cold Processed Soap: Our soaps are made using a traditional cold process method. This retains the integrity of the oils and natural glycerine, offering a more nourishing wash for your dog's coat.

Our Dog Soap Collection

  1. Natural Dog Soap Sample Pack: A great way to introduce your dog to our soap range.
  2. Oatmeal Dog Soap: Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin, available in scented and unscented options.
  3. Calming Dog Soap: Infused with natural ingredients for a soothing bath time.
  4. Insect Repel Dog Soap: Help keep those pesky insects at bay naturally.
  5. Healing Dog Soap: For dogs needing extra care for their skin and coat.
  6. Manuka Oil Dog Soap: Harness the power of Manuka oil for a deep clean.

Caring for Your Dog Soap

To extend the life of your Farmer Pete's soap products, store it in a dry, well-ventilated area after use. This ensures maximum efficacy and longevity of the soap.