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Training Treats

What training treats are best?

It will be no surprise that here at Farmer Pete’s we recommend meat-based dog training treats. This is because THEY WORK! Training treats should be something your pooch rarely gets. Something they really love and is very smelly. Training treats should be quick and easy to eat and is meat based. 

It is vital for our pups to feel really appreciated and great behaviour deserves an amazing reward.  If your dog is not big on treats, we sometimes find this is due to only eating inferior treats rather than high quality, natural meat based treats. Or that they get them too often. We love our pups but by restricting the giving of absolute favourite treats, it will make them super special for training!

How does it work?

Smell is the #1 trusted sense for dogs. If you reward that major sense, you will have success with training. Whether a dog is finding a place to mark its territory, understanding more about another dog from its scent glands or just tracking a previous dogs movement on terrain, dogs are 100% committed and motivated by SMELL! Hence the best dog training treats are also the smelliest (meat-based smells to lock into their primal brain).

Dog training is often about immediate gratification and fast consumption, a dog takes a few seconds to understand most commands and taking a few more seconds to scoff a delicious reward can help a dog tie the two together. When I do this, I get a yummy treat!

Farmer Pete's treats are easily broken into small pieces making them perfect for giving quick rewards. From a nutrition and reward perspective, there is nothing better than a Farmer Pete's treat for your dogs training need!

You will have them eating out of your hand! Literally!