Dehydrated crocodile feet by Farmer Pete's.
Crocodile Jerky Meaty Bites Pet Treats by Farmer Pete's
Dehydrated Crocodile Jerky
Duck neck dog treats by Farmer Pete's
Dog Meal Topper - Designed for dogs with arthritis, reduced mobility, or prone to joint disease
Farmer Pete's Beef Chin dog chews. Australian made.
Crocodile Dog Food Topper for meals made by Farmer Pete's
Kangaroo Knee Caps Dog Treats, Australia made by Farmer Pete's Pet Products

Novel Pet Proteins

Australian Novel Protein Dog Food Treats

Hand-selected for your pup's enjoyment, these protein collection treats are made with 100% Australian natural ingredients. No matter what kind of allergies or intolerances they have; you can be sure that these products will work wonders!