Crocodile Feet

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Take a walk on the wild side with Crocodile Feet dog treats. 

Farmer Pete’s crocodile feet are high in protein, calcium, and fiber, low in fat and are hypoallergenic. This chew is suitable for all dogs. This nutritional treat is a must in your dog's diet, and they will love you even more for it.

The raw material is sourced from far north Queensland and is 100% human consumption meat.

Crocodile a powerful dog chew treat

A powerhouse full of nutrition for your dog from crocodile having a very powerful immune system. Feet consist of skin, meat, cartilage, tendon and bone.

Crocodile scales give this chew some toughness, perfect for those teeth, and the nails provide a source of calcium and fiber.

Perfect chew for small to medium dogs and a quick chewy snack for larger dogs.

Farmer Pete’s 100% Australian Dehydrated Crocodile Feet are:

  • Single ingredient, no added nasties (or anything else).
  • High protein
  • Low Fat and low calorie so are suitable for pets with pancreatitis. 
  • Low cholesterol
  • Great source of Calcium and fiber
  • Perfect choice for dogs with allergies or on hypoallergenic diets.

 If you have a pet that has allergies crocodile is ideal in an elimination diet.

It is said crocodile has many health and skin benefits and may:

  • Help eliminate skin itching
  • Good for muscle health
  • Help reduce the risk of heart disease

The protein and amino acid contained in crocodile can help keep diabetes under control

Support for the circulatory system

The high protein can help the body stay healthy and strong

An excellent source of energy.

Help increase your pet’s body’s metabolism

Please note some crocodiles have bigger feet than others each treat will not be the same size due to the all-natural state of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kirsty Burke
Crocodile feet

The first time Mr Muddles saw a croc foot he growled at it!

Then after a bit he realised it was something he could eat and chowed down.


Love them, but more importantly the dogs love them. Looking forward to ordering more stuff very soon, also ordered shark cutlets and shark cartilage

Rubee Davies
Crocodile feet

I have 7 cavaliers
They had their first ever crocodile feet today
Thoroughly enjoyed them

Cathy Dunbar
Crocodile Feet

As unattractive as these look my dogs go absolutely nuts for them......they would eat them all day every day if they could......I definitely recommend these ......thankyou