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Puppy Treats

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Puppies need treats for training and dental chews to keep them away from your precious shoes. Training treats for puppies need to be quick and easy, ready to reward good behaviour. They have to be smelly and tasty to ensure your puppy continues the positive behaviour to get more. All our training treats are easily broken into smaller pieces, or cut into smaller pieces to give you a helping hand with your puppy training. Farmer Pete's training treats are 100% preservative free, healthy and nutritious for your growing puppy. 

Puppy treats are a healthy way to reward your puppies everyday

We all know puppy teeth can be like little needles. Farmer Pete's chews for puppies aim to assist little teeth with dental hygiene and encourage chewing on the right things rather than your fingers or feet.  Smaller chews are softer on puppy teeth and gums but great for encouraging adult teeth to come through. 

Anyone would sit and stay for a Farmer Pete's treat!