Chicken Jerky treats for pets. Australian made by Farmer Pete's.
Farmer Pete's Natural dehydrated chicken jerky bites for pets.
Kangaroo Jerky – Roo Jerky for pet treats made in Australia by Farmer Pete's
Tasty chicken feet treats for dogs by Farmer Pete's
Australian made Kangaroo (Roo) Meaty Bites Pet Treats by Farmer Pete's
Beef Liver Dog Treats by Farmer Pete's Australian made
Dehydrated Chicken Necks Australian made by Farmer Pete's
Healthy Salmon bites for dogs and cats by Farmer Pete's.
Green Beef Tripe. Natural and healthy pet treats by Farmer Pete's.
Beef Puffs Dog Treats, Dried Australian beef lung made by Farmer Pete's pet supplies
Pig Ears Dog Treats, Australian made by Farmer Pete's dried pet supplies
Farmer Pete's beef meaty bite pet treats. Perfect training treats.
Kangaroo (Roo) Lucky Dip Dog Mix includes a selection of the best Kangaroo Liver, Heart, Kidney, Lung Puffs, Jerky. By Farmer Pete's, Australian made pet treats
Natural beef skin. Perfect chew for dogs by Farmer Pete's
Dehydrated All-natural Chicken Meal Toppers for fussy dogs
Kangaroo Meal topper  by Farmer Pete's
Kangaroo (Roo) Tail Chunks are a perfect Australia dog chew, dried pieces by Farmer Pete's
Fish Jerky by Farmer Pete's
Kangaroo spine chunk dog chews by Farmer Pete's.
Combination of beef offal dog treats. Liver, kidney, heart and lung dog treats by Farmer Pete's.
Salmon Sprinkles Fish dog treats by Farmer Pete's
Mixture of treats and chews suitable for puppies by Farmer Pete's.
Natural beef jerky treats for dogs by Farmer Pete's
Dehydrated lamb ear treat chews by Farmer Pete's.
Assortment of dehydrated All-natural Chicken Breast Jerky, Jerky Bites, Feet and Necks for pet treats by Farmer Pete's
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Puppy Treats

Top Training Treats for Puppies Shop Online

Puppies need treats for training and dental chews to keep them away from your precious shoes. Training treats for puppies need to be quick and easy, ready to reward good behaviour. They have to be smelly and tasty to ensure your puppy continues the positive behaviour to get more. All our training treats are easily broken into smaller pieces or cut into smaller pieces to give you a helping hand with your puppy training. Farmer Pete's training treats are 100% preservative free, healthy, and nutritious for your growing puppy. 

Puppy treats are a healthy way to reward your puppies everyday

We all know puppy teeth can be like little needles. Farmer Pete's chews for puppies aim to assist little teeth with dental hygiene and encourage chewing on the right things rather than your fingers or feet.  Smaller chews are softer on puppy teeth and gums but great for encouraging adult teeth to come through. 

Best naturally dried puppy treats and chews

Our healthy, handmade puppy chews are perfectly sized for your growing pup. Farmer Pets' puppy treats made with all-natural ingredients and 100% Australian meat products so you can feel good about giving them their favorite treat every day!

It's time to treat your new pup like royalty! There are so many amazing options out there for natural treats and chews. We've got everything from dried organic Kangaroo jerky that will keep them entertained for hours to our famous dried fish jerky.

A great way to train a puppy is by using these natural treats that will encourage positive behavior from the start while limiting negative behaviours like chewing things apart or playing rough when training sessions end up too easily rewarding destructive actions.

a puppy standing in front of Farmer Pete's selection of dried puppy training treats

Anyone would sit and stay for a Farmer Pete's puppy treat!