Farmer Pete's Rabbit and Guinea Pig gift box with treats and toys.
Buy the perfect gift for your pooch with a Farmer Pete's large gift box.
Farmer Pete's small gift box with jumbo toy.


When you are looking for the complete package. Look no further than our Farmer Pete's Bundles.

They are 100% All Natural Australian Made with nothing added at all.

Great for when you want to give the best to your pup or surprise a friend's cherished fur-baby, 

Why Choose Farmer Pete's Bundles:

1. All our bundles are carefully chosen to match the range of tastes and preferences of our pets. There is a bundle designed to delight every pets health requirements, diet requirements and taste requirements. 

2. We believe in providing only the best for your pets. Farmer Pet's Bundles are made with premium, locally sourced Australian ingredients. Every treat is crafted with our dedication and love for providing only the best for all of our pets. Making sure your pet enjoys every bite.

3. Our bundles are 100% All Natural treats with NOTHING added ever. 

4. Searching for the ideal gift for a fellow pet lover? Look no further! Farmer Pete's Bundles make for the perfect present. Thoughtful, delicious, and beautifully packaged, these bundles are a gesture that shows you care about their furry family members.

5. With a great selection you are sure to find something for you beloved pet that will meet theirs and your needs.