Cow Hooves

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Beef Cow Hoof Halves Dog Treats

Cow hooves are unique treats that most dogs love. From the tantalizing taste to the time-consuming chewing challenge, cow hooves are a delicacy your dog may enjoy greatly.

Is your dog up for the chewing challenge of a Cow Hoof?

The Cow Hoof treat is a delicious, healthy, and natural dog treat, and is a single ingredient product. Made from only Australian cow hoof. This means that there are no preservatives or additives such as sugar or colours. They are completely safe for your dog to consume as they are completely edible. These are one of our sturdiest dog treats on offer.

Benefits of Cow Hooves treats for your dog

These hooves are quite tough and require a strong jaw. Even for bigger dogs, they are one of our longest lasting chews. They will not finish these ones quickly!

They are a great dental chew and will help to rid your dog’s teeth of tartar and plaque for a white smile!

Healthy Cow Hooves make a nutritional dog treat

Cow hooves nutritional composition is like bones, the major minerals are calcium and phosphorus with other trace elements. The major bonus in the cow hoof is that it has typically over 90% crude protein. That said, they have very low fat, no ‘crude fibre’ but in general are a low fattening treat.

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 48.6%
Fat 9.8%

Customer Reviews

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josephine ross

didn''t suit my dohs would of been better left whole

Christine Matthes
Cow Hooves - puppies say yummy

Our two border collies love the hooves. Keeps them occupied for ages when we go out. They know what they are about to get when I go to the cupboard. Great product would recommend to anyone. Woof woof from our boys.