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Salmon Skin Twists

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Salmon Skin Twists dog treats are a delicious, natural, and healthy choice, made from all-Australian Salmon skin. Being a single-ingredient product, they contain only Salmon, and no preservatives or sugar, which can be harmful to your dog. Instead, they contain omega 3 fatty acids which is a nutrient recommended by veterinarians. These are another favourite treat of many for their dogs (and cats!) with plenty of raving reviews – be sure to try them!

As a skin product, these are a reasonably soft and chewy dental chew for medium-strength jaws. These will keep your pooch entertained and assist with dental health. These suits most dogs, although some small dogs might find them too much of a challenge while strong jaws might see them last a shorter time.

Air Dried to lock in maximum nutrients

Easy to break - suitable for dog and cats of all sizes

Irresistible smell that your dog & cat will love

Crunchy & full of flavour

Omega 3 to support strong joints, assist with inflammation and help with a healthy coat

Single Ingredient, Dried perfectly

100% Australian Made

Customer Reviews

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Great chewy treat

These are great chewy treats which our dog really seemed to enjoy. I would recommend them. I stored them in the pantry in an airtight container but we live in warmer climates and found these got quite oily. Next time I may buy in a smaller batch or store them in the fridge to see if that makes a difference. Can't fault them on taste though even when they looked oily our dog still seemed to enjoy them.