Pea Flakes made in Australia, Australian ingredients
Dehydrated Apple Rabbit & Guinea Pig Treats by Farmer Pete's
Dried Strawberry Pet Treat, Australian made pocket pet treats by Farmer Pete's
Dried Banana Treats for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs, Australian made by Farmer Pete's
Dehydrated pear treats for pocket pets by Farmer Pete's.
Dried Summer Fruit Mix for Guinea Pigs & Rabbit treats
 Dried Mixed Berries Rabbit and Guinea Pig Treats by Farmer Pete's
Dried Carrot Slices made for pet treats for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs by Farmer Pete's
Dried celery treats for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs made by Farmer Pete's
Natural Farmer Pete's dehydrated blueberry treats for Rabbits and Guinea pigs.
Delicious dehydrated kiwi fruit treats for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.
Green Mix Dried (Spinach, Kale & Celery) Rabbiit and Guinea Pig Treats
Dehydrated Apple and Pear stalks for Rabbits guinea pigs by Farmer Pete's in Australia
Crunchy dehydrated strawberry tops by Farmer Pete's.

Dried Fruit & Vegetable Treats

Dried Fruit & Vegetable Treats for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Pocket pets are often thought of as low-maintenance, but the truth is that their diet is vital to their health. While carrots are a healthy treat, they should not be the only thing that your rabbit or guinea pig eats. A diet rich in hay, fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, and pellets will provide your pet with the nutrients she needs to stay healthy and happy. Oaten Hay Chaff is especially important, as it helps to keep your pet’s digestive system working properly.


Slow dehydrated Pocket Pet Fruits & Vegetables nibbles make for a great pet treat

  • Made from fresh, locally soured fruit and vegetables, all of Farmer Pete's dried treats are air dried at a low temperature for a long time to keep all the good stuff in. High in healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the perfect treat for your little ones. Perfect for training, play, encouraging exercise or just a way of expressing your love!
  • So much variety for every tastes.


If you’re unsure of what to feed your pocket pet, Farmer Pete's has a wide range of tasty pet treats to suit any fuzzy eater. With a little bit of care, you can ensure that your little furry friend has a long and healthy life!


100% Australian made pocket pet treats by Farmer Pete's