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Natural Dog Soup Bars

You make sure you have the best natural products for your skin, now you can do the same for your faithful furry friend.
We know that goats' milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids and is very nourishing for skin. Dogs' skin pH is 6.8; goat milk pH is 6.4-6.7 making it a perfect complement for animals. It will soften your dog’s skin and nourish their coat while helping to repel pests. It also rinses off much easier than most dog shampoos.

All Farmer Pete's natural dog soaps are made from the same base packed with nourishing goats' milk and plant-based oils. We then add an awesome blend of essential oils created just for your faithful friend. The different blends have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. The essential oils also assist with repelling insects naturally. We also add lemongrass and tea tree oil for their awesome anti fungal/bacterial properties.

Note: Do NOT use this soap on cats or rabbits. Essential oils are VERY dangerous/toxic to cats and rabbits.

How often should you bath your pup?

Dogs don’t need baths nearly as often as humans do. If you wash them too much, their fur becomes brittle and stiff, and you increase the instances of dry skin that leads to itching, scratching, and eventually lesions.

The exception is if they get into something grimy and you have to bath them outside of their normal schedule. On the other hand, if you don’t wash them often enough, you’ll be dealing with fleas, ticks, dirt, and grime. It seeps into their pores and causes infections and illness. Most dog breeds are good with a bath every month or two– even bushy or furry dogs. In the middle of baths, you can keep your dog smelling fresh and his or her coat looking shiny and healthy just by brushing them every day and spraying them down with a Farmer Pete’s Spritz

But what type of soap is best for your dog?

The type of soap you use makes a huge difference in how good your dog looks and how good your dog feels. Here are our favourites based on soap type:

Note: Heavily scented soaps can be too potent for some dogs due to their superior sense of smell. Therefore, Farmer Pete’s Dog Soaps are particularly careful with the formular and amount of essential oils used.

Not recommended for puppies under 10 weeks old or dogs that suffer with seizures. Always check with your vet if unsure.