Farmer Pete's dog spritz
Farmer Pete's natural goats milk soap sample pack - bars.
Calming goat's milk soap for dogs. Great for calming anxious pups. Made by Farmer Pete's.
Insect Repel dog soap paws by Farmer Pete's
Healing Natural Dog Soap with goats milk by Farmer Pete's.
Natural goat's milk soap bar with oats for sensitive skin
Farmer Pete's Pamper Your Pooch Box.
Press studded pet bandana, three studs for extra hold. Pet Bandana handmade by Farmer Pete's.
Farmer Pete's handmade tie pet bandana

Pamper Products for Dogs

Best Pamper Products for your dog

Keep your dog looking, smelling and feeling great from the selection of Farmer Pete's Pamper Products.

Wash them using one of our hand made natural dog soaps, keep them smelling great between baths with the Farmer Pete's Spritz. Soften their worn and cracked paws with our Natural Dog Paw Balm. Then when they are ready to hit the town dress your loved family member in their very own personalised bandana and off you go.

All Farmer Pete's Pamper Products are handmade with only the finest ingredients. 

Note: Do NOT use our soap on cats or rabbits. Essential oils are VERY dangerous/toxic to cats and rabbits.

Note: Heavily scented soaps can be too potent for some dogs due to their superior sense of smell. Therefore, Farmer Pete’s Dog Soaps are particularly careful with the formular and amount of essential oils used.

Not recommended for puppies under 10 weeks old or dogs that suffer with seizures. Always check with your vet if unsure.