Beef Skin (Fur on)

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Beef Skins natural dog treat chews

High in protein and low in fat, Beef Skin dog chews are long lasting and provide a wholesome chewing experience. It also supports dog dental health by helping to clean teeth and gums as your furry friend chews.

Complete with hair, wonderfully nutritious and packed with flavour, the Beef Skin with hair is low in odour and non-greasy. The fur on Farmer Pete's Beef Skin acts as a natural de-wormer which helps clean the intestinal wall as it passes through your dog's intestinal system. 

These are 100% natural, dehydrated and made from only free range, grass-fed cows. The hard consistency of the beef skin serves to strengthen your dog’s teeth and jaw muscles. The skin and fur helps clean teeth and contains collagen proteins that are important for your dog’s smooth skin and coat structure.

 100% Beef Skin

  • No additives or preservatives
  • Long Lasting Dental chew
  • Great for digestive health
  • Natural de-wormer
  • High in Insoluble fiber
  • Collagen for skin & coat

Beef Skin VS Rawhide

One of the most commonly made and bought products on the market is Rawhide, unfortunately. No doubt when you walk into the pet shop or you’re doing your shopping at the supermarket there is plenty of rawhide on the shelves, marketing gourmet flavours and pleasing colours. What they don’t advertise is the chemicals, cases of hospitalised dogs and thousands of dollars pet parents have spent on emergency surgeries to remove the indigestible leather from their pet’s stomach.

Rawhide is doused in peroxide/bleach to stop the decomposing of the leather, cover the stench of the rotten meat and to whiten the colour. This should be enough for this product to be taken off the shelfs. Rawhide starts hard, making for the perfect dental chew, right? Wrong! It becomes a softer consistently making for the perfect bacteria breeding grounds, digestive stress, intestinal blocking, and a choking hazard. It offers no nutritional value. A safe alternative to usual rawhide treats.

What makes our beef skin treats different? 

Unlike the deadly, chemical drowned hide that other companies offer, Farmer Pete's Beef Skin is completely natural and untreated. The skin itself is dehydrated with the hair remaining to lock in the nutrients.

One ingredient only (Cow Skin), washed in water and dehydrated. This treat is the perfect alternative. The only process our Cow Skin goes through is the dehydration, we add nothing, so it stays in its most natural form. The skin is still reasonably soft, chewable, easy to digest and beneficial for the digestive track.

Leaving the hair on has many benefits. Hair is great for dental hygiene, offers insoluble fiber and a valuable source of manganese that is great for joints & ligaments. It is a natural digestive cleaner, helping to clean out the digestive track and anal glands.

Please feed in moderation depending on your dog’s needs and always feed supervised. The whole treat can be consumed.

Customer Reviews

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Jess W

Beef Skin (Fur on)

Kayla Overton
Great entertainer

I was unsure but after talking to Farmer Petes decided to give them a go. Wow! Our 18month fluff ball Onyx loves it! Keeps her going for a good time and she get so excited when they come out. Great product!