Roo Leg Bone

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Kangaroo leg bones are a great dog chew!

  • Kangaroo bones dog treats are known as one of the longest chewing and healthiest bones you can get a dog.
  • They have high quality marrow fat and plenty of meat left on the bones.
  • We always recommend monitoring your dog when eating bones.
  • Kangaroo bones (as does the meat) can vary dramatically in size and colour during a season depending on the source Kangaroo.
  • Most of our leg bones are 20cm+ but some can be smaller.
  • Large leg bones suit medium to large dogs with a strong chew/bite and small suit small to medium sized dogs.

Key Benefits of Dried Meaty Kangaroo Bones for your dog

  • 100% Meaty Kangaroo leg bone sustainably sourced in Australia.
  • No preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!
  • All dog bones and treats are 100% not cooked. They are dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure they do not calcify.
  • These leg bones suit medium to large dogs with a strong chew/bite.


Dehydrated Roo Bones for smaller dogs

Farmer Pete's has a wide product range of dehydrated roo bones for smaller dogs, and mixed kangaroo bones and roo tail chunks to keep your dog chewing all day!


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Nutritional Analysis
Protein 46.3%
Fat 7%


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Roo Leg Bone (Large)