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Roo Tendons

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Kangaroo Tendons are long with ‘meaty knobs’ at the end. They are 100% Australian Kangaroo all natural, single ingredient products. Containing no preservatives, no additives and no added sugar.

These are some of the most popular treats we have, due to them being irresistible to dogs!  Depending on your dog’s size and age these treats can generally take a long time to chew on. They are best suited for small to medium dogs. Where a larger dog will find them (although tasty) easier to chew. 

Kangaroo Treats are high in omega 3 and Zinc – perfect for a natural shiny looking coat and overall health and wellbeing. Extremely low in fat with only 2% fat and very high in protein.

Great for your dog’s dental hygiene. They help to aid healthy teeth and gums and lessen their “doggy” breath!

In addition, if your dog has a risk of Pancreatitis or has Pancreatitis these treats will be great for your dog as they are such a lean, low-fat treat, they are sure to love it – without causing any harm to their health.