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Farmer Pete's dehydrated fish bites for cats and dogs.
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Seafood Fish Dog Treats


Farmer Pete’s fish dog treats are made entirely from sustainably sourced wild caught AUSTRALIAN FISH. All our dog treats are preservative and additive free. That means no nasties at all! No chemicals, no flavour enhances, no colours, added grains, fillers, or salt, just 100% dehydrated fish.Our dog treats will not only be the perfect treat to keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy, but also have the added health benefits of OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 found naturally in the fish. These two essential fatty acids are known to assist with your pet’s inflammation, cognitive function, reproductive health, heart function, as well as their skin and coat.


Fish OMEGA-3 for dried dog treat may have these benefits:

  • Reduces infections caused by yeast, fungal, or bacteria in dogs’ ears.

  • Treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions in dogs.

  • Training and learning enhancing properties (increased brain function)

  • Reduces cardiovascular problems like sudden cardiac death or arrhythmias, blood clots and hypertension.

  • Assists in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis

  • Good cholesterol rises with fish oil for dogs, providing a better cholesterol profile.

  • Reduces the incidence of renal damage.

  • Reduces cancer cells proliferation.

  • A high source of antioxidants which help cells repair themselves.

  • shinier coat & control of “doggy odour” without needing regular shampoos.

Dosage: There is no set recommendation for mussels, and it can also depend on if it’s just for general wellbeing or to help a condition and if it’s at the initial or maintenance stage. Each dog may also respond differently. Generally, a good start is 3-6g for <5kg dogs, 5-10g for small dogs up to 10kg, 10-20g for 10-30kg and 20-40g for larger. Start at the lower end and increase over time if you feel it’s necessary.

How Dehydrated Fish Treats for your Dog will improve health

Heart Health - Fish in the diet can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing clots and inflammation, improve vessel elasticity, lower blood pressure and blood fats.

Eye Health - A fishy diet is associated with reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Bone Health - Regular consumption of fish can relieve the symptoms of arthritis, psoriasis, and autoimmune disease. 

Lifespan - The benefits of fish in your pets’ diet can prevent the risk of digestive cancers.

Skin & Coat - The high levels of omega-3 fatty acid chains in our fish products encourage you pets natural production of sebum, an oil that their skin produces to protect and condition their coat. 

Teeth & Gums - Our treats promote your pets chewing action to help remove built up plaque from their teeth and gums, benefiting their oral health and bad breath. 

Calcium - When your pet crunches down on 100% dehydrated fish and its bones the benefits of calcium, phosphorus, silica, and other micronutrients are absorbed in digestion creating healthier and stronger joints and cartilage for your pet.

Allergies - Many skin conditions can be caused by allergies. Fish alternatives are a nutritious option for pets with allergies as they have no additives or preservatives and provide anti-inflammatory benefits for the body.

Safe & Delicious Treats - Our product is designed as a treat but can be given to your pet often throughout the day. It is completely natural 100% fish without any additives or preservatives, simply dehydrated. 


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