Shark Tail & Fin

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Shark Tail and Fin is a great nutritional treat for your pet

Shark Tail dog treats and shark tail fins are a great nutritional treat for your pet. They are a medium and chewy treat that will have your dog jumping for joy! Our dried Shark Tail and Fins with cartilage pieces will keep a small or big dog occupied while they chew and crunch through delicious real 100% wild-caught Shark tail.

They aren't just for entertainment they are good for them too. In fact, the health benefits of our Shark Tail and Fins are so varied that regular consumption will supplement their diet with the many benefits. These include high levels of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other minerals.

Dried Shark Tail and Fins are a delicious dog treat

There is so much documented evidence that the dietary inclusion of magnesium, calcium and potassium will improve your dog’s bone density along with improved eye, heart, brain, and organ functions. Not to mention extended longevity of life due to decreased chances of cancer and other diseases.


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Nutritional Analysis
Protein 95.6%
Fat 15%
Ash 8.5% 

Customer Reviews

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Long lasting chew. It took my dogs far longer than I thought they would. A bit smelly so definitely an outside treat but an absolute winner in our house

Jessica McCosker
Good chewy treat

Once my dog starts eating these he is busy for a while, very good treat to keep your dog occupied. And if your dog is like my one and loves to be chewing on things, very good to keep them busy chewing shark…not destroying things.

Long lasting chew

I was surprised how generously sized these were! Great long lasting dental chew. Our dog is a small breed and the tail pieces seemed to be a bit too challenging for her. If I order this again I may request for just fin pieces if that's possible as they were a big hit! I would recommend it if you are looking for a good long chew.