Combination of all things fish, pilchards, fish jerky, fish bites, shark skin, shark cartilage. Great fish treats for cats and dogs.
Farmer Pete's fish lucky dip. Mixture of natural fish, locally sourced with no additives.
Farmer Pete's natural Fish Lucky Dip pet treats.

Fish Lucky Dip

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Can’t decide what to purchase for you dog or cat? Why not try our Fish Lucky Dip.

Consisting of a mix of everything fish you will receive a good selection of fish bites, Shark Skin, Cartilage, Fish Jerky, Pilchards, Shark Cutlets.

Want to give your best friend the finest fish dog treats? Our natural fish dog treats are made from 100% fish, with no preservatives, additives, or artificial colours. You won’t find a long list of ingredients on any of our healthy fish dog treats – just 100% Australian caught and dried fish.


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Customer Reviews

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Maddison Bates
Amazing treats!

These treats are amazing. I would NEVER go back to buying treats from the supermarket. Your dogs won’t be disappointed in this. They are local as well, so even better!

Great selection

Super selection and generously sized. Will be ordering again.