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Beef Paddywack

Beef Paddywack

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What is a Paddywack?

Beef Paddywacks, also knon a Beef Tendons, are 100% natural, single ingredient made only from the neck tendon of Australian cows. This is the super strong ligament in the neck which holds a cows head up. Farmer Pete's Beef Paddywack are all natural containing no added preservatives, sugars, flavours or colours. 

Beef Paddywack naturally contain essential elastin proteins and types 3 collagen. They are a great tough treat and long lasting for small to medium dogs who need to be kept entertained. Likewise, most dogs find them reasonably long lasting too all the while providing a chew treat that will help support good dental hygiene making them a great economical choice for heavy chewers.

What about puppies?

Beef Paddywack is a great choice for puppies. It will help teething puppies and is an excellent treat to redirect a puppy who is chewing inappropriately or nipping. Keeping those little needles away from your shoes. 

Beef Paddywack chews are more digestible than rawhide and are a preferred healthier alternative for our best friends.

They are a great chew for all size dogs and average from 15-25cm in length.

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