Farmer Pete's handmade 3 piece Munchy Ball enrichment toys.
Dried Seagrass Logs for small Pet chews by Farmer Pete's
Farmer Pete's Tasty Cube rabbit and guinea pig enrichment toy.
Rabbit and Guinea pig Enrichment Pet Toy 'Treat Kababs'
Australian made Seagrass Sandwich pocket pet enrichment toy.
Farmer Pete's Rabbit and Guinea Pig gift box with treats and toys.
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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Toys

Farmer Pete's Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Rat & Ferret toys

All of Farmer Pete's rabbit and guinea pig toys are handmade with natural, premium quality products and handmade Farmer Pete's dehydrated treats. Our treats are all natural, homemade with no added sugars, salts, preservatives or binders. Nothing but the best for your favourites.

Why use enrichment toys?

There are many reasons to provide enrichment toys for your pocket pets. They provide entertainment, assist them gain life skills and stimulate natural desires.

Enrichment is allowing your rabbit, guinea pig, rat or ferret to do things normal to them. This means chewing, burrowing, digging, climbing and foraging. It also means adding things to your pocket pets life that they will find entertaining, rewarding and meaningful.

What to look for in an enrichment toy

All of Farmer Pete's enrichment toys are handmade with your pets needs, desires and wants in mind. We wanted to create the perfect toy to fulfill your pets needs. Therefore, our range of toys are built to entertain, rewards and stimulate their natural desires to chew, burrow, dig, climb and forage. Made from the best products, for the best pets with love.