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Kangaroo Treats

Kangaroo Treats for Dogs

Farmer Pete's Kangaroo treats are made from locally sourced free range Kangaroos, harvested from their own environment. This results in the meat not being exposed to or treated with antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones or pharmaceuticals. Therefore, our Roo treats are all-natural with no additives. Super healthy for your pooch. 

Benefits of Kangaroo Meat for Dogs

Kangaroo meat is a naturally lean meat. It is high in protein but low in fat (less than 2% fat.) Dogs with digestive troubles may see improvements switching to this protein since low-fat meats are more easily digested. Kangaroo treats can be tougher and chewier than other treats/meats. Keeping pups entertained, teeth clean and pups healthy. With a smell that dogs love, even the fussiest eater's love our Kangaroo treats.