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Chicken Jerky

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  • 100% All-natural Chicken Breast – Please note these are not the soft chicken pieces. The softer products are soaked in Glycerine (preservative E422) before being dried which acts as a preservative, sweetener, and softener.


  • Farmer Pete’s chicken breasts contains no preservatives, additives, or sweeteners. Therefore, these fillets are harder and dryer slices of whole breast tenders. This is all-natural. It is not marinated in a glycerine gel solution before being dehydrated to keep a higher water content.
  • This is a fantastic quality Australian chicken breast product sourced locally. It is the perfect treat for rewarding your furry friend.
  • They are rich in protein, and low in fat, and will help keep your dog strong. The chicken breast fillet treats are thinly pressed and easy to break up – making them an ideal reward for dogs of all sizes. Plus, cats love them too!
  • Chicken Breast Jerky can have a very strong smell, dogs and cats love it! The smell comes from concentrated nutrients after dehydration.