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Puppy Pack

Puppy Pack

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  • ½ Pork Trotter, 2 Sheep Trachea, 1 Sheep Ear, 2 x Roo Back Chunks, 100g of mixed Roo Jerky Bites, Beef Liver and Pork Puffs.

  • All-natural 100% single ingredient products dehydrated to lock in the maximum taste and nutrients.
  • A mixture of long-lasting entertainers, chews and training treats for small dogs and puppies.
  • Chews and bones help to reduce tartar build up on your dog’s teeth making them the perfect dental aid for puppies! Plus, giving them that great relief from teething (keeping your shoes nice and safe!)
  • The perfect assortment for your puppy without all the nasty additives or preservatives.

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