Meal Topper Bundle

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Do you have a fussy eater?

Farmer Pete's Meal Toppers are the answer. Add a bit of variety to their meal a our large selection of Meal Toppers. Your pup will love you for it and meal time will never be a problem again.

All Dogs Love Dehydrated Meal Toppers. 100% Aussie Sprinkles. Canine Diet Fix. Dogs need a nutrient-rich diet to live a long & healthy life. 

4 pack bundle includes:

  • 80g Beef Meal Topper
  • 80g Chicken Meal Topper
  • 80g Pork Meal Topper
  • 80g Salmon Meal Topper

8 pack Bundle includes:

  • Everything in the 4 Pack Bundle PLUS
  • 80g Pilchards Meal Topper
  • 80g Lamb Meal Topper
  • 80g Fish Meal Topper
  • 80g Beef Tripe Meal Topper

10 pack Bundle includes:

  • Everything in the 4 & 8 pack Bundles PLUS
  • 80g Kangaroo Meal Topper
  • 80g Green Lipped Mussels Meal Topper


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