Combination of Farmer Pete's natural lamb offal treats for dogs. Liver, kidney, heart and puffs.
Lamb offal treats for dogs by Farmer Pete's. Australian made.
Healthy, natural dehydrated lamb offal treats for dogs by Farmer Pete's.

Lamb Lucky Dip

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  • Not sure what treat to get your best friend? Why not a mixture of all!
  • 100% Lamb Liver, Hearts, Kidney, Lung Puffs. (Any Combination).
  • Our Premium Lamb treats are made from all Australian, all Natural, Single Ingredient Treats – only the best for your pooch.
  • Like all our treats, they contain no preservatives added flavours, or added sugars, so you know your dog is eating high-quality healthy meat.
  • Organ meats have a high number of amino acids essential for growth and building muscle.
  • Perfect for bite size training treats or a quick snack for any size dog. 
  • These are dried using the latest air-drying technology that slowly evaporates moisture, eliminates harmful pathogens, and only preserves rich nutrients without the use of artificial flavours, additives, or preservatives. 

Customer Reviews

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Jessica McCosker
A favourite

My dog loved the lamb lucky dip, I really liked using these treats as a training reward for him, think they are a new favourite of his. :)