Beef Puffs

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Beef Puffs are a great quick snack or reward style of dog treat

These small bite sized puff cubes are great for all dog sizes. Beef Puffs are very light and crunchy and are a very fast eating, fun and healthy dog treat! Puff cubes, while light, are hard cubes which can’t be easily broken therefore these are better given as a treat whole.

Dried Australian beef lung are crunchy treats

Made from 100% Australian beef lung, puffs fulfil your dogs need for daily high-quality offal (cow lung). The lung is very light, and so are not very dense which makes them a great low-fat treat by volume.

  • Being a beef product it’s low in allergens and your dog shouldn’t experience any reactions.
  • Full of beef taste and flavour, they are perfectly suited for training treats.

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 78%
Fat 3.1%
Crude Fibre 1%

Customer Reviews

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Beef Puffs

Beef puffs for the win

Our Great Dane goes zoomie when she sees the treat jar come into sight now that we have filled it up with her all time favourite treat - beef puffs.
We had not been able to buy locally as everywhere seemed to have issued getting them in - then- I discovered farmer Pete’s beef puffs!

When I was refilling her jar she was dripping on the bench beside me waiting for me to carelessly drop one (which I did) then she “asked” me to drop more! Hahah I think we are on a winner her! Farmer Pete, Raine says thank you!

Bhakti Manning
What a treat!

These Beef Puffs are so good that my little dog finds it hard to focus on fulfilling the command I am giving him. He is just so excited that I have taken some out of the pack. I also sent a pack to my son for his medium size dog, and she loves them too - heels without being commanded on walks and then asks for her reward !