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Sample Box Chews
amanda williams

Best treats, fantastic quality, wonderful service, great price. Dogs love them.
I love that they are local and Australian owned

Chicken Feet
Jane Odwyer Odwyer
My dog loves them

Great product great price great service

Premium Beef Liver
Rosalee Breitkopf
Perfect training treat

Love these, great for breaking and using as training treats or as an enrichment treat in my puppy’s toys, he absolutely loves these

Beef Jerky
Rosalee Breitkopf
Perfect training treat or topper

Perfect training treat and so easy to break it up and also an amazing food topper for dinner time, my border collie loves these especially at training time

Beef Hairy Ears
Rosalee Breitkopf
Love love love!!

Absolutely loved these! I have a border collie and he just devours them and loved them! Can definitely recommend that you place them into an air tight container as they can and will go bad!

Absolutely wonderful
Love everything about ordering this dried green tripe for my favourite boy. Thank you so much!!!

Roo Ribs Bones

Charlie n Archie love them

Chicken Meaty Bites
Lulu Brookes
Dogs devour these little treats

Anything from Farmer Pete's is awesome. These little meaty bites are no exception. My doggies go crazy for them.

Apple Duo
Daniella Zadro

Apple Duo

The best pizzles money can buy!

Our Frenchie absolutely LOVES this pizzles, due to their superior constitution, length and girth.

Meal Topper - Tripe
Lulu Brookes
Excellent topper for sensitive tummies

My 18 year old has a very sensitive tummy so she is on a 'special diet' of dry and wet. She can become quite fussy so I was delighted to find this topper which she LOVES and which doesn't upset her tummy.

Our 8 year old also loves it. The moment I open the packet to sprinkle it on she sitting right there waiting for her meal!

Salmon Skin Twists
Lorna Russell
Salmon skin twists

My bordoodels go crazy for for these treats. While they love all of farmer Pete’s treat these are their absolute favourite. I love that they are chewey and take some time to chew. It’s also reassuring to know that they are completely natural and have great health benefits.

Crocodile Jerky
Simone Hines

Crocodile Jerky

Roo Jerky
Roo jerky

My two love these. They can be broken up into smaller pieces or as is for a longer chew. Both my fur babies love these and during the hot weather they sit in front of the fridge, where I keep them. Added bonus they are healthy and low fat. Win win

Roo Tail Chunks
Cath King
Happy puppy

My pup loved the kangaroo tails

Thick and Long

Good lord beef pizzle is getting hard to find. These are the best a truly exhaustive search has discovered.

Meal Topper - Joint Support
Emma-Leigh Senyard
Great product

My dog can't tell we've sprinkled it on and loves it. It seems to be helping. Thank you!

Great value

Another favourite for my cavaliers. A couple of sprinkles over their food and I know they are getting lots of nutrition value from it

Great treats

My two cavaliers love these and I know they are getting a healthy treat. Good delivery time and well packaged

Fur babies favs

My two cavaliers just love these. My fussy little girl gets very excited when she has one of these and my greedy big boy gets them as they are low fat. Win win

Meal Topper - Beef
Kerri Milne
Beef - Meal Topper

My fur boys just love their extra treat on their meals with the Beef Topper. I have been purchasing products from Farmer Pete and will continue to do so for their great variety.

Awsome supplement

We get these for our cat, she has arthritis in her front legs and it works wonders. We can definitely see a difference in her when she’s isn’t on it

Chicken Jerky
Kim Hallard

I thought my dogs wouldn’t like them, but I love being wrong. They loved them. Will definitely be ordering them again

Love Them

Beef Pizzle is a favourite of our beautiful Golden retriever Theo.

Cow Hooves
josephine ross

didn''t suit my dohs would of been better left whole