Low Fat Bundle

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Size 80g Small

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Low in fat, high in flavour!

Keep your dog fit and healthy with tasty low fat food!  Farmer Pete's manufacture high quality low fat dog food to keep your dog fit and healthy.

This bundle contains meals with less fat in them. Perfect if your dog needs to lose weight or has to eat less fat for medical reasons.

Perfect for you dog if they have pancreatitis.

80g Small Low Fat Bundle includes:

  • 80g Fish meaty bites
  • 80g Roo Jerky
  • 80g Chicken Jerky (Breast)
  • 80g Shark Cartilage
  • 80g  Roo Tendon

200g Small Low Fat Bundle includes:

  • 200g Fish meaty bites
  • 200g Roo Jerky
  • 200g Chicken Jerky (Breast)
  • 200g Shark Cartilage
  • 200g Roo Tendon

80g Large Low Fat Bundle includes:

  • Everything in the Small Low Fat Bundle PLUS
  • 80g Pilchards
  • 80g Crocodile Feet
  • 80g Roo Heart
  • 50g Beef Puffs
  • 80g Roo Ribs

200g Large Low Fat Bundle Includes:

  • Everything in the Low Fat Bundle PLUS
  • 200g Pilchards
  • 200g Crocodile Feet
  • 200g Roo Heart
  • 200g Beef Puffs
  • 200g Roo Ribs




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