Chicken Hearts

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Chicken Heart Treats for Dogs and Cats

Chicken Hearts, a nutritious and delicious natural treat with a mild flavour suitable for all dogs and cats. They make great training treats and dogs just love them.

Why your pet will love these dried chicken hearts

  • This vital organ is high in taurine, essential for good heart and eye health.
  • Essential vitamins found in chicken hearts ranging from B1, B2, B5 and B12.
  • Vitamin A is also present in smaller volumes.
  • Equally important, is Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus and Copper, the mineral building blocks of a healthy body, all of which organ meats have reasonable quantities.

Chicken heart reward treats

We recommend adding chicken hearts to their weekly intake of all organ meats.

Generally, a ratio of 5-10% of organ meats should be part of their weekly diet.

This ratio will ensure that you do not overfeed them with too much vitamin A. This could result in having upset tummies and loose stools

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 49.4%
Fat 18.3%

Customer Reviews

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Jo Hopper

Chicken Hearts

Bite size snacks

Great for one off snacks and a treat on top of a meal. I was pleased there was a sticker advising they should be refrigerated.