Roo Heart

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Dehydrated Kangaroo (Roo) Heart Dog Treats

  • Kangaroo Heart Dog Treats are 100% Australian and are very low in fat. They are a great source of protein, iron and Omega-3.
  • They contain no preservatives and no chemicals.
  • Kangaroo Offal Treats contain a high number of antioxidants and the highest level of Omega 3 in comparison to lamb, beef & pork treats for example.
  • Including a high concentration of natural B12 Vitamin for cell renewal.
  • Our dried Roo treats are easy to break apart and great for training purposes with your puppy or small to medium dog.
  • These treats are a very popular treat for small dogs

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Nutritional Analysis
Protein 46.3%
Fat 2.5%

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Our pups can't get enough of these

Large crispy strips that can be broken into smaller pieves

Nice product. I like that the pieces are large, and can be snapped into whatever size I want.

Angela Wilson
Rooolly tasty

Our dog loves his roo treats as a reward.

Roo hearts

I have loved all the Farmer Dave products to date. But especially their Kangaroo Heart. It is the only one that I have come across that can be broken up into training treat size, while remaining a dried only, one ingredient product.