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Pilchards Dog Food Toppers

Our naturally dehydrated pilchard dog meal topper will have your dog begging for more.  Additive-free just 100% pure Australian fish.

Great for fussy eaters

100% Natural Pilchard Fish Dog Treats

Single-protein meal topper are ideal for dogs that suffer from food allergies as you have peace of mind knowing that there are absolutely no other additives, just 100% pure protein.

 Pilchards/sardines are jammed-packed full of protein, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which help to keep your dog's skin supple and their coat soft and shiny.

Introduce pilchards slowly as they are rich and may cause tummy upset if overindulged in. Because the bones are dehydrated, they are safe to be consumed and are a good source of calcium.

Benefits of feeding pilchard meal toppers

Unlike tinned fish, our pilchards contain no extra salt or oils and have many benefits such as:
  • High-quality protein
  • Omega 3, vital for immune, brain, skin and fur health
  • Full of B vitamins including B12, for immune, blood and brain health
  • Calcium and phosphorous, good for bones and teeth
  • Vitamin D for strong healthy bones
  • Selenium for immune health
  • Vitamin A for growth

Great for Cats too!

Due to the extremely high oil content these are a perfect additive to meals & oil may appear slightly through the bag. This is normal as the salmon continues to leach oil after packed.

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 72.2%
Fat 4.3%
Fibre 2.2%

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