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Beef Tripe Meal Toppers For Fussy Eaters

Green Tripe is pure Beef Tripe that is unbleached & untreated as a Meal Topper for Dogs & Cats with less chewing ability or fussy eaters.

Using a dehydrated process, all the nutritional benefits of the green tripe are intensified. It is a powerhouse packed with vitamin B12, selenium and zinc and an excellent source of manganese and niacin (B3) and highly rich absorbable protein. It is high in essential nutrients and help to maintain a healthy balance of microflora to support a healthy digestive system.

Green tripe is an excellent source of probiotics due to the large numbers of helpful microorganisms contained within the digestive tract.

Green tripe also has a perfect 1:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus, which is vital for proper bone and joint development and sustainability.

Green Beef Tripe Meal Toppers Are Best For Dogs Health

  • Improve coat, more radiance and shine no more flaky skin, richer colour
  • Digestive improvement to firm and shape stools
  • Increase vitality and energy levels
  • Nutrient rich 
  • Helps support a healthy digestive system and boost immune system
  • Help to rejuvenate older dogs
  • Stimulate the appetite, when dogs refuse to eat their meal – improved eating habits
  • An amazing source of nutrition for all dogs

Suitable for cats also (They love it)


How much should I sprinkle on my dog's food?

1-3 Tablespoons per day depending on size of your dog.

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 62.1%
Fat 15.4%
Fibre 2.5%

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lulu Brookes
Excellent topper for sensitive tummies

My 18 year old has a very sensitive tummy so she is on a 'special diet' of dry and wet. She can become quite fussy so I was delighted to find this topper which she LOVES and which doesn't upset her tummy.

Our 8 year old also loves it. The moment I open the packet to sprinkle it on she sitting right there waiting for her meal!

Kerri Milne
Great Product

I bought this product as a pro biotic for my fur babies. It seems to be helping with their itching etc. I just add it to their meals along with one of their other Toppers from Farmer Pete's and they eat it right up.

Dog crack

My picky underweight Border Collie is crazy for this stuff, will be stocking up with 1kg bags in the near future!