Meal Topper - Gut Health & Poo Support

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Give your dog the healthy gut boost they need!

Every Dog parent loves it when their dog deposits a perfectly formed poo on the grass (or maybe not, that’s up to you). Not just because it is easy to clean up but a poo with a good consistency is comfortable for your dog also.

Farmer Pete’s organic Gut Health Poo Support supplement can help regulate bowel movements. It contains prebiotics, and probiotics, to support digestive and bowel health. It’s added nutritional benefit of Green Beef Tripe makes for a flavorsome, nutritious healthy Meal Topper Supplement to enhance you dogs health and meals.

What ingredients are in the Gut Health Poo Support Supplement (GHPSS) to produce a product that will help give you pooch ultimate functioning Bowels, Digestion, Stomachs, anal glands and stop paw licking, scratching? 

Psyllium Husks, Inulin and Green Beef Tripe. That's is nothing more, nothing less. Specially formulated for your dogs health.

Good health for your dog starts in the gut and our Gut Health Poo Support is designed to aid healthy digestion and metabolic function while supporting optimal gut microflora for your dog.

Farmer Pete’s Gut Health Poo Support can help with various aspects of your dog's health, primarily related to their digestive system and overall well-being.

Help you dog feel better and perform better with Gut Health & Poo Support

The natural prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health for all dogs, can help with:

* Regular Bowel Movements

* Colon Health

* Diarrhea


*Irritable Bowel Syndrome

*Inflammatory Bowel disease 

*Anal Gland Health

*Weight management

*Enhanced Immune Function

*Diabetes Management

*Improved Digestion: 


Instructions: Sprinkle contents of metered dose over your pet’s food. Mix well. You can add a small amount of water if your dog doesn’t like the texture. Always ensure your dog has available drinking water while using Gut Health & Poo Support.


Recommended daily starting dose

(Can be increase slowly until poo texture improves)


Dog Body Weight:

Dose (Scoop / grams) per day:

   < 5kg

0.25 scoop / 1.25g


0.50 scoop / 2.5g


0.75 scoop / 3.75g


1.00 scoop / 5g


1.25 scoop / 6.25 g


1.50 scoop / 7.5 g


1.75 scoop / 8.75g


2.00 scoop / 10.0g


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