Fish Meal topper by Farmer Pete's
Farmer Pete's fish meal topper for fussy eaters.
Farmer Pete's natural fish meal topper.

Meal Topper - Fish

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A great variety of all things Fish for extra variety!

Fish Meal Topper

For those fussy eaters both dogs and cats, add a meal topper for ease and to add a delicious flavour to their meal.

Whats in it

Consisting of a mix of everything fish you will receive a good selection of fish bites, Shark Skin, Cartilage, Fish Jerky, Pilchards, Shark Cutlets.

Want to give your best friend the finest fish dog treats? Our natural fish dog treats are made from 100% fish, with no preservatives, additives, or artificial colours. You won’t find a long list of ingredients on any of our healthy fish dog treats – just 100% Australian caught and dried fish. 

How much should I give my dog?

1-3 Tablespoons per day depending on size of your dog.

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Kathy Black
Food topper

Very satisfying