Duck neck dog treats by Farmer Pete's
Dog Meal Topper - Designed for dogs with arthritis, reduced mobility, or prone to joint disease
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Everyday Treats

Everyday treats for every occasion 

  • Just because you love them, and they love you back give them an everyday treat.
  • Our treats are real meat and bone and are the best dog treats because they are made of 100% all-natural meat product, and contain NO preservatives, sweeteners, additives, or chemicals which means our dog treat’s flavours are 100% real—straight from the paddock to your pooch—so they are not only good for your pet’s health, but your pet’s taste buds too.
  • The protein is air dried, slowly removing the water content of the best quality meat and bones. Nothing is artificial.
  • These are just a few prominent benefits your pet will experience from enjoying our pet treats:
· Clean and healthy teeth and gums
· Fresher breath
· More energy
· Immune system support
· Improved digestion
· Shinier and healthier coat
· Less bloating
  • If you want to give your pet natural, flavoursome treats, you have come to the right place.