Cat Treats

Australian natural dehydrated treats for cats

Yes, cats love our treats too! All Farmer Pete's cat treats are made with the highest quality meat and organ ingredients. They are dehydrated at a low temperature for a long period of time keeping in that all important nutrition that will help your kitten and cat to thrive.

Cats enjoy having a chew too. Small chews provide the stimulation to satisfy this need. All our treats and chews are grain and gluten-free making them perfect for cats with common grain allergies.

How to use dried cat treats for training

It's amazing what cats can be trained to do with positive rewards, and treats are one of the best way to reward them. Using training treats to reward positive behaviour can work wonders for kittens and cats and its never too late to start.

Benefits of dried treats for your cat's ongoing health

These are just a few prominent benefits your pet cat will experience from enjoying our dehydrated treats:
· Clean and healthy teeth and gums
· Fresher breath
· More energy
· Immune system support
· Improved digestion
· Shinier and healthier coat
· Less bloating

Shop our dried meat and fish cat treats products

If you want to give your cat natural, flavoursome treats, you have come to the right place. When you buy from Farmer Pete's you can be certain that all our dehydrated meat treats are All Australian, All natural, and preservative free.