Dehydrated All-natural Beef Meal Toppers for fussy dogs
Beef pizzle / bully sticks by Farmer Pete's arranged in a diamond.
Natural Kangaroo mixed bones by Farmer Pete's.
Dehydrated Pork Liver Dog Treats
Lamb Liver dog treats. 100% natural and Australian made by Farmer Pete's.
Pigs ear strips for smaller dogs. By Farmer Pete's
Dried Shark Cutlets Chewy Pet Treats by Farmer Pete's (Australian Made)
Massive mixture of all offal treats by Farmer Pete's. Beef, Pork, Lamb, Roo, Chicken and Fish.
Farmer Pete's pork meal topper for fussy eaters.
Natural beef spleen dried dog treat by Farmer Pete's
Lamb meal topper for fussy eaters by Farmer Pete's
Fish Meal topper by Farmer Pete's
Dried Kangaroo (Roo) Heart Dog Treats by Farmer Pete's
Farmer Pete's natural beef weasand dog chews
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Dreid Chicken Heart Natural Dog and Cat Treats by Farmer Pete's
Dried Shark Skin Rolls for dogs by Farmer Pete's
Farmer Pete's Shark Skin Strips dog chews.
Beef Kidney dried pet treat by Farmer Pete's
Beef Heart dog treats by Farmer Pete's.
Crocodile Jerky Meaty Bites Pet Treats by Farmer Pete's
Chicken Liver Dog Treats by Farmer pete's dried pet foods
Dried Kangaroo Trachea dog treats made by Farmer Pete's pet supplies
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All Dog Treats

Your Pet's Health & Nutrition Is Important 

Here from our farm at Eungai Creek on the Mid North Coast NSW we understand the importance of natural, healthy, and nutritious diets for pets.
All our dog treats are 100% Australian, 100% Natural and 100% preservative free, naturally dehydrated, and are made to a gold standard right here in Eungai Creek.

100% All-natural, No Preservatives or additives.

Our treats are real meat and bone and are the best dog treats because they are made of 100% all-natural meat product, and contain NO preservatives, sweeteners, additives, or chemicals which means our dog treat’s flavours are 100% real—straight from the paddock to your pooch—so they are not only good for your pet’s health, but your pet’s taste buds too.

The protein is air dried, slowly removing the water content of the best quality meat and bones. Nothing is artificial.

We have sustainably sourced the finest, freshest single ingredient products of Beef, Pork, Lamb & Kangaroo from local business to bring you the best in dog health. By sourcing products ONLY grown & harvested locally in Australia from small businesses and direct from farms, we can keep our dog dollars supporting the Australian economy.

The benefits for your dog or cat

These are just a few prominent benefits your pet will experience from enjoying our pet treats:
· Clean and healthy teeth and gums
· Fresher breath
· More energy
· Immune system support
· Improved digestion
· Shinier and healthier coat
· Less bloating
If you want to give your pet natural, flavoursome treats, you have come to the right place.
When you buy from us, you can be certain that all our dehydrated meat treats are All Australian, All natural, and preservative free.
Choose Farmer Pete’s treats and keep your best mate healthy from the inside out.
Dogs were born to chew, let us keep it that way!