Farmer Pete's handmade 3 piece Munchy Ball enrichment toys.
Munchy ball handmade enrichment toy with seagrass twine, oaten hey and Farmer Pete's dehyydrated Rabbit and Guinea pig treats.
Farmer Pete's 3 piece munchy ball enrichment toys for rabbits and guinea pigs. Australian made.

Munchy Balls 3 pieces

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Crunchy Munchy Treat Balls

What better way to keep your little fluff ball entertained than with their own handcrafted treat ball! These balls of goodness contain premium Oaten hay stuffed with a mixture of delicious dehydrated natural Farmer Pete’s treats and wrapped in a natural seagrass twisted rope. Entertainment with a tasty reward on the inside! 

Each ball is approximately 7cm in circumference. These delicious balls of goodness come in a pack of three for extra enrichment goodness. What a great way to entertain, enrich and reward your little pocket pets life. 


Customer Reviews

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Fiona W
These are a winner!

My bunny absolutely loves these balls. The first one took her about 5 days to eat, the second one was gone in a day. I had to order more to keep up with her. I'm going to use the twine she left to make a homemade treat with her hay.

Super popular

Great product definitely the favourite


My 4 rabbits love these, all 3 were gone within a week