Dental Chews

Dog dental chews are a fantastic pet treat

Farmer Pete's Dental Chews are used to naturally clean plaque and tarter through the regular chewing process. Regularly providing your dogs with dental chews helps to reduce oral problems such as:

  • Bad breath
  • Build up of saliva, bacteria, and food on teeth (plaque)
  • A hard yellow or brown residue on teeth (tarter)
  • Swollen, bleeding or irritated gums
  • Pain

Treat dental disease with healthy dog chews

All Farmer Pete's dental chews are 100% single ingredient and natural products locally and sustainably sourced. They have nothing artificial (no colouring, additives or artificial flavours) added to disguise a product that a dog would not otherwise eat. Completely natural and tasty. 

Dental chews provide extra nutrition (meat NOT vegetable) and can be used as entertainers, keeping your dog busy for an extended period of time or as a meal replacement. 

Types of pet dental chews for your dogs

Farmer Pete's has a range of dental chews from cartilage, tendons, bones and offal chews. Something for every pup, great and small.