Apple Pie Chaff Sprinkles by Farmer Pete's (Australian Made)
Apple pie chaff sprinkles for fussy eaters by Farmer Pete's.
Looking for something to entice your fussy rabbit or guinea pig to eat their hay? You need Farmer Pete's Apple Pie Chaff Sprinkles.

Apple Pie Chaff

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Apple Pie Chaff Sprinkles

Why not a deconstructed apple pie for bunnies. Excellent way to encourage fussy eaters to tuck into their hay and foraging. 

As a guide we recommend sprinkling a bit of chaff on top of your pets hay to excite those taste buds.

Who doesn't LOVE apple pie?

Ingredients: Pink Lady Apple, Granny Smith Apple, Rolled Oats & Oaten Hay
Best Before: 6 months

Pocket pets who'll love these chaff sprinkles include; ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits and rats.

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Yum yum

Yum our boy loves this treat. Highly recommended