Dog wash without the DIY

Lab getting a wash with Farmer Pete's Pet Grooming

Dog Wash

Keeping our pets clean can be messy, stressful, and wet, very, very wet! Instead of hooking your pup's lead to a DIY dog wash station and scrubbing their coat clan as their paw slip and slide around the basin, hand over the hard work to Farmer Pete's. Our dog groomers ensure your best buddy looks forward to their dog wash and grooming appointment, while you're free to leave for a little while, grab a coffee and do anything but struggle with a stubborn with a stubborn bottle and a dog exercising Houdini like stunts. 

When was the last time your pooch enjoyed their dog bath?

What happens during a dog or puppy wash?

We know a professional dog bath can seem like a lot if you've never trusted somebody else to take care of your dog's needs. At Farmer Pete's, we treat your furry family member with consideration and respect, showering their heads with pats and kind words as experienced hands make short work of thick coats, long fur, and matted dreadlocks. While no two dogs are the same, most dog wash appointments follow a tried and tested plan: 

1. We'll sit down with you and uncover any concerns you may have about their coat, skin sensitivities or anxieties before agreeing on a wash type to suit your dog's needs.

2. The groomer will then take your dog into a fully equipped Grooming trailer, complete with a hydrobath for even the largest dogs. We'll then prep our dog's coat, removing any matting and dead hair before even wetting your pooch. 

3. Our team then treats your pooch to a 2 x shampoo wash and 1 x conditioner massage perfectly matched to their skin and coat type, massaging tired legs and backs while the product does its work. 

4. After washing away any remaining conditioner, your dog will enjoy a towel dry or blow dry, depending on the package you selected. 

Dog Wash Q&A

How long does a professional dog wash take?

A professional dog bath can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours to complete, depending on what is requested. 

Does Farmer Pete's provide a hydrobath or just cold water?

We believe in treating your best buddy to a positive experience, therefore, we will always use a hydrobath for your pooch.

How do dog hydrobaths work?

The hydrobath sprays pressurized warm fresh water and shampoo through your pooch's coat. The shower head provides a thorough clean which gets right down into the dog's coat and gives and invigorating massage, this also helps to alleviate that "Wet Dog Smell" you sometimes get from other forms of bathing. 

Why pay for a dog wash when you can hose them down at home?

There's more to showering your pup than soaking their topcoat and smothering the ends in soapy suds. We understand time is often of the essence, especially on weekends when you'd often treat your canine companion to their monthly bath, but there's a huge difference between the equipment you buy in the shops and the gear we carry and use in our salon. If conditioners and large tubs with specialised hoses and nozzles don't sway you, there are a few reasons why your dog deserves a professional dog bath over a backyard spray and shake. 

How often should you wash your dog?

We'd love to deliver a simple answer, but it really depends on your dog. If you need a quick rule of thumb, most happy and well-groomed dogs need a bath every couple of weeks or whenever their coat develops that stinky doggy smell that creeps up your nose. Puppies can begin enjoying bath time from 10 weeks old, once a month, to give them plenty of time to get used to bathing while allowing natural oils to do their work. 

A few questions to consider:

1. Does your dog live inside or outside...maybe a bit of both? Outdoor dogs need more baths than their indoor cousins. 

2. Do you take them to the beach, on hikes or into nature, exposing their fur to elements not found in the average backyard?

3. What kind of fur do they have? Is it water resistant? Oily? Thick or curly?

4. Does your dog suffer from skin sensitivities and environmental allergies?

 Is your dog due for a deep clean? Get them into the bath with Farmer Pete's. 

Dog Cut & Trim

Dog clipped before and after

Book your best buddy in for a dog haircut

Our groomers specialise in dog haircuts: Smooth coat, long coat, and everything in-between

Leave toe cuts, wild eyebrows and thick coats in safe hands and treat your cute canine to a professional dog haircut at Farmer Pete's. Our state-of-the-art mobile grooming trailer is air-conditioned, welcoming, and operated by highly trained dog stylists, ensuring your pooches salon experience is comfortable from the moment they set paw in the door. 

We all want out pets to look good, but it's important that they feel great too. Before settling on a new "do" for your dog, your groomer will go through a few questions about your best buddy, their needs and how you approach coat maintenance. All our dog groomers will give your pooch a detailed skin and coat assessment, ensuring there are no issues or sensitivities that need attention prior to pampering your pet with a warm hydrobath and salon quality shampoo. 

How we approach dog haircuts

Happy dog being trimmed

We understand. Paying for a dog hair cut when you can DIY at home seems a bit excessive, but there's more to our process than snipping and trimming your canine's coat. While not every styling session follows precisely the same schedule, here is a general idea of what your dog can expect when they come in for a fresh cut at Farmer Pete's. 

*Time variations account for the differences in size, dog, and coat type. 

*Dogs need to be rested between steps for positive and productive experience. 

Step 1: Coat preparation - 10 minutes to 1 hour*

Our stylists remove matted and dead hair from your dog's coat using skin stimulating brushes and styling tools. This can take anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your dog, their size, and their coat type. 

10-20 minute rest

Step 2: Wash and Dry - 30 minutes to 90 minutes*

Once we've detected your pet's skin type, we'll select the appropriate shampoo and conditioner from our selection of professional products, ensuring any skin sensitivities aren't triggered by this relaxing experience. We'll then double shampoo your dog, follow it up with a single conditioner, brush, rinse and dry using high velocity dryer while brushing the coat for a clean and straight finish. 

10-20 minutes rest

Step 3: Coat Styling - 30 minutes to 90 minutes*

Our experienced stylists use a combination of scissors, stripping tools, clippers, and coat product to deliver the coat your dog's been wishing for and you, as the owner, will love. 

Get rid of dead, loose dog hair without the hard work. Book an appointment now!

Stress-free dog nail clipping

Puppy getting nails trimmed


It's dog nail clipping time! Your dog's paws look more like bear paws, as long nails scratch up the floorboards, carpets, and random body parts, threatening to make play a little more painful for the people involved. And while we all like to avoid unexpected ouches, dog nail trimming is more about dog wellbeing and less about scratch-safety! Neat and tidy nails prevent tears and sudden breaks, while guarding against ingrown nails, soreness and walking issues. 

But your dog hates it and even if they don't hate it, they barely tolerate it before running away. Like people, canines don't care if something is good for them, and then clack of the clippers is still scary! So, how can you make it easier on everybody, short of going back in time and introducing dog nail clippers earlier? Let somebody else do it. In our nail clipping service, groomers are trained to work with anxious dogs, challenging dogs, and all sizes great and small. They will give your pet the pedicure they deserve and the trim their nails need without sending their stress levels into overdrive. 

We specialise in clean-cut, stress-free dog nail clipping. 

What happens during a dog nail clipping appointment?

Well behaved dog getting his nails trimmed

Nail clipping can be nerve wracking for dogs and owners alike, so we've made things easy to ensure your dog leaves us with a wagging tail. At Farmer Pete's, your dog is a member of our extended family, spoiled with pats, encouragement and a lot of love and patience as excess nail disappears in short, decisive snips. Most dog nail clipping appointments follow a tried and tested plan:

1. We'll sit down with you and uncover any concerns you may have, ensuring your anxieties and the nerves of your pet are addressed and comforted before proceeding. 

2. Our groomers always clean and check their equipment before starting a new dog. 

3. We begin clipping along the back paws, careful not to pull any stray hairs, consistently rewarding your dog with plenty of praise and gentle pats...owner approved treats may be involved too!

4. Our team will finish on the front paws, assuring your best buddy of their bravery and showering them with plenty of hugs.

Why do domesticated dogs need their nails trimmed or cut?

Pet dogs don't have the same opportunities as wondering wolves to wear down their nails. Fido spends the day dozing between energetic bursts of play, assured of his next meal and completely comfortable in life, while wolves and dingoes are always on the move, hunting and letting natural wear and tear shape their nails. 

Does Farmer Pete's offer puppy nail clipping, or should you wait until your dog is older?

Yes, and don't wait. Starting early leads to improved habits late, ensuring your resident furball doesn't shy away from nail clippers the moment they rustle out of their hiding place. 

How long is too long? Don't put it off. Book a dog nail clipping appointment today and leave the hard parts to us!