Dog eating natural beef skin treat

Rawhide vs Natural Beef Skin Hide: Which is the better choice?

Both rawhide and beef skin hide offer many benefits for your dog. They can be enjoyed as a chew or used in playtime with their interactive games, like tug o’ war!

All dogs will chew, it comes from instinct. Some puppies can chew for several hours each day. Chewing can help your dog feel less anxious, help with dental hygiene and help keep them from chewing on your favourite pair of shoes, furniture, or your most precious treasure.

You care deeply about your dog and want what's best for their wellbeing. More than ever, pet owners favour giving their animals natural foods, fibres, and treats.

If your pet is allergic or sensitive, this is very crucial. Watch the ingredients in your dog's food for their benefit.

Natural Beef Skin Hide Treats make an excellent stand-in for your furniture or shoes.

What's in the food and treats that you give your pet? Pet products with just one ingredient are becoming more popular than ever.

Natural products are considerably superior in so many ways that it is understandable why.

Natural products provide a rich source of necessary resources, ensuring that your pet gets only what they require.

Dog eating natural beef skin by Farmer Pete's

What is rawhide?

Rawhide is the hide of an animal that is usually untanned. The inner section of the high once the leather has been removed. To use this by-product, the dog chew was created. Most rawhide dog treats come from beef cattle skin, buffalo and pork hide.

The hides are cleaned, receive an acid bath to remove the then bleached. Bleaching them makes them hard and chewy! After, they are formed into a variety of sized and shaped into chewable dog treats by glueing the pieces together.

To get that lovely meaty colour the finished product is dyed.

You would not need to think too much to work out that these rawhide chews have no nutritional value for your dog as they have been chemically bathed, been bleached, glued and dyed.

Is this something you would like to feed you loved dog?
Rawhides are not beef since it is not meat.

Rawhide is known to cause blockages when consumed in large chunks.  Your dogs stomach can't break down the rawhide, so if it swallows a big chunk of it, there is a good chance it will cause a blockage.

If you dog is fortunate to escape blockage issues, by chewing a by-product of the leather industry for several hours, it may have ingested lead, arsenic, mercury and formaldehyde – research has shown these present in rawhide dog chews.


Beef skin chews by Farmer Pete's

What is Natural Beef Skin Hide?

Natural Beef hide is the whole product of the skin, fur, and all. Farmer Pete’s Natural Beef Hide is 100% cattle skin.

Beef hide dog chews are high in protein, low in fat, and they offer a more natural safer chewing practice.

Beef hides create a good chewing experience for your dog as they take much longer to eat than other treats. The hard consistency of the beef skin serves to strengthen your dog’s teeth and jaw muscles.

The fur also helps to maintain the oral health of your dog by cleaning its teeth while it chews. Treats with the fur on are excellent for sweeping the digestive tract and can be used as a natural wormer and contain collagen proteins that are important for your dog’s smooth skin and coat structure.

These are a long-lasting treat which are excellent for all breed dogs looking for a challenge.

Products made from only one ingredient, beef hide, have a delicious, natural beef flavor with no additional colors, flavors, or fillers.

Beef hide VS Rawhide: Which is better?

The decision is yours!

However, when deciding on a treat for you dog always check for additional ingredients. 100% Natural, single ingredient protein is always best.

To enhance the natural meaty flavour of rawhide, flavourings are sometimes added, some of which may not be healthy for your pet.

In general, a beef hide is superior because you can typically tell and check where it comes from, and the authenticity of how it has been made. It is always best to look for hide that has true labelling and check the ingredients.

“100% Natural” “No additives or preservatives” “no artificial flavours or colours" are all phrases to look out for when choosing a treat for your dog. This will indicate that this particular treat is superior to the rest.

A Balanced diet is Key

The definition of treat is “something pleasant that is unexpected or that is offered as a surprise or a reward”

There is no need to give your dog access to their favourite chews all day, every day. Remember a balanced diet it the key.

Instead, give it only as a treat for a limited time every few days.
When your dog is chewing on a beef hide or rawhide treat, always keep an eye on him.

Some alternatives to hides

There are many alternatives chew to hides. Below are a just a few:

Cow Hooves
Beef Hairy Ears
Shark Tail & Fins
Shark Skin Rolls

Your dog is sure to love all of these tasty treats. Learn more about these alternatives below:

Cow Hooves

Cow hooves are unique treats that most dogs love. From the tantalising taste to the time-consuming chewing challenge, cow hooves are a delicacy your dog may enjoy greatly.

The Cow Hoof treat is a delicious, healthy, and natural dog treat, and is a single ingredient product. Made from only Australian cow hoof. This means that there are no preservatives or additives such as sugar or colours. They are completely safe for your dog to consume as they are completely edible. These are one of our sturdiest dog treats on offer.

Beef Hoof Halves natural chews for dogs by Farmer Pete's
Beef Hairy Ears

Cow ears with the fur on are 100% all-natural, simply dehydrated Beef ears. They have no added nasties; therefore, you know your dog is getting on the best high-protein, low-fat treats which as full of benefits.

Beef ears are mainly made up of cartilage. They are naturally full of chondroitin. This helps improve the health of joint cartilage, and specifically aide dogs with arthritis or dogs who are hard-wearing on their joints such as active, working dogs.

Beef ears act as a natural wormer for your dog. Whilst the chew is digested, the parasites in the digestive tract cling to the hair which is then passed.

Natural beef hairy ear dog chew treats.
Shark Tail & Fins

Shark Tail and Fins are a great nutritional treat for your pet. They are a medium and chewy treat that will have your dog jumping for joy! Our dried Shark Tail and Fins with cartilage pieces will keep a small or big dog occupied while they chew and crunch through delicious real 100% wild-caught Shark tail.

They aren't just for entertainment they are good for them too. In fact, the health benefits of our Shark Tail and Fins are so varied that regular consumption will supplement their diet with the many benefits. These include high levels of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other minerals.

Shark fin chews for dogs. Natural dog chews.
Shark Skin rolls

These are an excellent dental chew and are ideal for medium to large size dogs.
This is an organic, low-fat chew with great health benefits. Air dried, free from any preservatives, a healthy natural treat for your dog.

By utilising the skin, together with cartilage, very little of the catch is wasted - this is just like nose to tail eating for humans, where the entire beast is used.

Made from 100% dehydrated Australian shark skin

All shark in our treats has been sustainably sourced and wild caught in Australia. There are no endangered species of shark used for our dog treats.

The fishing industry supplies flake for human consumption, but the skin and cartilage are surplus to their requirements - your dog would tell you that they are missing out!!

There are amazing health benefits from eating these shark skin rolls, which are rich in protein and high in Omega 3. Omega 3 is good for brain development, ocular health, heart health, kidney health, skin, and coat.

Shark skin roll dog chews. Natural dog treats by Farmer Pete's 

Farmer Pete's Conclusion

When you buy treats from us, you can be sure that the dehydrated treats are pure meat (or fish) that have been only cleaned in water and dehydrate. Nothing added. 100% meat. All meat used is from animals raised here in Australia.

We only sell the best, the best is never the cheapest, and we make no apologies for that.

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