Top 14 Famous Fictional Rabbits

Who are the most Famous Fictional Rabbits in the World?

Many famous rabbits have become pop culture icons that everyone recognises, they are seen in all sorts of media and their popularity has stood the test of time. A good example of this is Bugs Bunny. He is one of the 

most famous cartoon characters ever and has been on our TV screens for decades. Everyone knows who Bugs Bunny is, even young kids!

Greatest and Top 14 Fictional Rabbits Ever!

Here at Farmer Pete’s, we did a review of our favourite famous bunnies, just for fun. Below you will find a list of 14 famous fictional rabbits. Some of them you may recognize, and some you may not.

Bugs Bunny famous animated rabbit

1. Bugs Bunny

What’s up, doc? Bugs Bunny is one of the most recognisable and beloved cartoon characters in the world. He first appeared in 1940 and his mischievous antics have delighted millions. Since then, there have been several TV series, Advertisements, video games, and movies that include this silly bunny. His cleverness and quick wit, sarcastic sense of humour, and Brooklyn accent always seem to get him out of trouble. He is often portrayed as an anthropomorphic rabbit who outwits his enemies and allow him to outsmart some of his rivals like Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. Mel Blanc is one of the most well-known actors to take on the voice of Bugs Bunny.

Thumper famous animated rabbit

2. Thumper

Thumper is a fictional character from the 1942 Disney animated film "Bambi". He is a young, cheerful rabbit who serves as Bambi's best friend. Thumper is known for his distinctive habit of thumping his foot when he is excited, and for his playful personality.

Considering all the devastating moments in Bambi — I still leave the room during the death of Bambi's mother — Thumper is memorable for his good cheer as much as for his signature foot-stomping. And who can forget Thumper teaching Bambi how to ice skate? This foot-thumping rabbit is also famous for "Thumper's Law" which is "if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." (How many times have you said that to someone?)

Peter Rabbit a famous animated rabbit

3. Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is the main character in a series of children's books written by Beatrix Potter. Peter is a mischievous and adventurous young rabbit who often finds himself in trouble with the farmer Mr. McGregor. Despite his trouble-making ways, he is loved by children for his charming personality and bravery.

English author Beatrix Potter created several animal protagonists for her stories, but none is more famous than the jacket-wearing, veggie-stealing Peter Rabbit. The first edition of this beloved novel was published in 1902, proving that is a timeless classic that all generations enjoy.

Roger Rabbit animated rabbit

4. Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit is a cartoon character who appeared in the 1988 film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". He is an anthropomorphic rabbit who is a famous cartoon star in a world where cartoon characters and humans co-exist. Roger is a zany, comedic character who is often depicted as being in a state of constant panic.

Expertly blending animation with live action, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a quirky take on the Golden Age of animation. Amid a supporting cast of classic Disney and Warner Bros. characters appearing together for the first time, not to mention wife Jessica Rabbit, who’s "not bad, just drawn that way," the manic Roger Rabbit escapes injustice and helps improve "human-toon" relations.

The White Rabbit became famous in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

5. The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is a character from Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". He is a constantly late, flustered rabbit who serves as Alice's guide into Wonderland. The White Rabbit is often depicted as being dressed in a waistcoat and carrying a pocket watch, and is known for his memorable catchphrase, "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"

The White Rabbit is the reason Alice finds herself trapped in Wonderland when she follows him down his rabbit hole -- a phrase now used to describe getting trapped in a crazy and inescapable task. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most famous novels written by Lewis Carroll and has been adapted into many different film versions that are adored by many.

Rabbit (Winnie the Poo) a famous rabbit

6. Rabbit (Winnie the Poo)

This famous bunny of the Hundred Acre Wood may seem like a bit of a control freak at first, and maybe a bit too protective of his carrot garden. But deep down he has a big heart and would do anything to help his friends. You can find Rabbit in all of the countless Winnie the Pooh books, TV shows, and movies that date back to the 1920s when the story was created by A.A. Milne. All rights to the character and stories were purchased by Disney in 1961. The character Christopher Robin was based on Milne's son, Christopher Robin Milne.

Snowball (Secret life of pets) the famous baby rabbit

7. Snowball (Secret life of pets)

The "youngest" bunny on our list, Snowball made his debut in 2016’s The Secret Life of Pets. Though he begins his story hating humans and hell-bent on world domination, everything changes when he meets Molly, the little girl who adopts him and promises to love him forever. This loveable bunny is voiced by actor and comedian Kevin Hart and can be seen in the sequel The Secret Life of Pets 2 as well, which premiered in 2019.

The Velveteen Rabbit

8. The Velveteen Rabbit

This famous rabbit may be the winner of the "rabbit most likely to make grown adults burst into tears" award. In this heart-warming story, a boy’s favourite toy becomes "real" through his love for it, and the love the rabbit has for the boy. The Velveteen Rabbit is a children's book that was written by Margery Williams in Britain and published in 1922. It has been republished several times since then and will likely continue to be because of its popularity.

Buster Baxter (Arthur) the famous rabbit

9. Buster Baxter (Arthur)

If you are a millennial, one of the most well-known children's TV series was Arthur. It follows an aardvark named Arthur Read and most of his adventures include his best friend, the quirky white bunny Buster Baxter. His love for food and friendship makes him one of the most iconic cartoon characters in the childhood of a millennial.

Lola Bunny (Space Jam) Rabbit

10. Lola Bunny (Space Jam)

Seen in the classic movie Space Jam and originally voiced by Kath Soucier, Lola Bunny is a female rabbit created by Warner Bros in the 1990s. Her first official appearance was in a comic book called Bugs Bunny Comic Book #108. She is a confident female character and the love interest of Bugs. You also can see her in the more recent film Space Jam: A New Legacy and voiced by actress Zendaya.

Brer Rabbit (African Folklore)

11. Brer Rabbit (African Folklore)

This little trickster that is also known as "Brother rabbit" is a fictional figure that is the centre of traditional folklore told by Southern African Americans. These stories of a little rabbit that uses his clever mind to push the boundaries set by authority originate back to Africa in the 1800s. Joe Chandler Harris wrote several books about Brer Rabbit.

March Hare famous rabbot from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland

12. March Hare (Alice’s adventures in Wonderland)

The March Hare is another character in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He is introduced in the famous tea party scene, where he is seen enjoying tea with the Mad Hatter. The phrase "as mad as a March Hare" originates from this book because it was said that a March Hare is as mad as they come. He also makes an appearance in the film adaptations as well as Through the Looking Glass, which was also written by Lewis Carroll.

Skippy (Robin Hood) the rabbit

13. Skippy (Robin Hood)

Skippy Rabbit is a supporting character in the Disney animated film Robin Hood. He isn't seen often, but when he is, his sisters Tagalong and Sis aren't too far behind. From shooting an arrow into Little John's courtyard to ending up behind bars due to non-payment of taxes, this 7-year-old rabbit gets himself into quite difficult situations.

The Energizer Bunny (Rabbit TV commercial)

14. The Energizer Bunny

This bunny has been going (and going ... and going ...) since his debut in 1988, but did you know he began as a parody of the then-mascot of rival company Duracell? Outside of North America, Duracell continues to use the pink “Duracell bunny” as their mascot to this day. The reason that Energizer snatched up this adorable bunny as their own is that Duracell's trademark has lapsed in 1988, making it up for grabs.

Conclusion: Did You Guess All The Famous Fictional Rabbits?

There have been several famous rabbits that have hopped their way through our lives, from commercials to books, to TV series and movies, there are so many loveable rabbit characters we have only touched the surface. They have given us not just childhood memories but adult memories also.

How many more Famous Bunnies can you think of?

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